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Robbins Brothers

Email Program


I worked with our digital strategist to develop and redesign our email program at Robbins Brothers. We wanted to make a more nurturing 1:1 email program to help both digital and in-store customers through the shopping experience.


Email Design

Digital Strategy

Icon Design

Style Guide

1:1 Email Campaign

This is where the email campaign starts- with a welcome. When the customers join our email list, or sign up in the store for email communications, this is what they get. This is an introduction to the brand, and the shopping experience. This is where their guided email experience starts. If they interact with the emails by clicking through, they get a sortof tailor made series of follow up emails, getting the information that would pertain to them best. For example, if they click on the welcome email, we will serve them up the education email, to help them through the initial stages of the shopping experience.

One of the most important parts of the Robbins Brothers experience is the interactive and educational shopping experience, our main goal was to bring that same guided experience to email.


This is where we go next with the email program. If the customers continue to engage with the emails, we continue to serve them relevant information to their shopping experience. With these emails, we hone in on the actual ring shopping experience. We teach them in these emails about their options, and more. 

Since a lot of education goes into this particular product, we want to make sure the customers have all the tools, information, and tips at their disposal to make an educated purchase, so these emails go into more of that.


Once we got the overall design for the email program, I designed the style guide to help execute the rest of our emails to the same standard. This style guide is separate from the overall brand style guide, and mostly went over the basics for how to design the emails, the different elements that can be used, and how to implement them.

Typically, we sent a lot of different types of emails, but wanted them to have overall the same look and feel. Here are some examples of how this style guide applies to some of our standard email formats. Below you will see an anniversary shopping coupon email, a branded email for a Robbins Brothers exclusive diamond collection, and a typical merchandise-heavy shopping email.


Part of the Robbins Brothers MO is helping customers with everything engagement and wedding. From proposal planning, to tips on weddings, the community is full of helpful tips. This was a series that I wrote, designed and executed. Robbins Brothers wanted to add more wedding related content to keep our past-engagement couples engaged in the brand in hopes they would come back as repeat customers for wedding bands, and anniversary gifts. 

This series linked to a blog post that I wrote all about wedding planning. As a success, we decided to turn it into a wedding planning email series. Once signed up, our "wedding customers" got reminder emails to help them through their wedding planning journey.

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