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I am a dog-lover, home chef, true crime expert, list-maker, record collector, and a bit of perfectionist. I've never met a vacation I didn't want to plan the heck out of, I'm an avid iced coffee drinker, and I'm always down to try out the newest brewery. And that's me in a nutshell... or wait, is this me in a nutshell

I currently live in Bay Area with my rescue pup, Rooney and my husband, and we're adjusting to (and loving) our new WFH lifestyle.

Designing creative solutions to problems is a passion for me, whether it's as small as a 24px icon, or as big as a 24ft billboard, I'll meet the challenge with excitement and finesse.


I am a creative problem solver, living in San Jose, working at Madison Reed as a Senior Designer. I have experience in various design mediums, including print, out-of-home, in-store collateral & visual merchandising, responsive email & digital design, social media marketing, photo direction & retouching, as well as iconography and illustration.

To read more about what I do, find my resume, or say hey.

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