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Designer Trunk



One of the annual store-wide events at Robbins Brothers is a multi-designer trunk show that we create a lot of collateral for. Here are the materials for the 2018 series of trunk shows.


Print Design

Marketing Design

Event Identity


The Annual Designer Event is sortof like a trunk show across the Robbins Brothers Locations. For the event marketing, I created many assets including both print and digital. For print, we had a small handout, posters, banners, and in-store signage. You'll see that here, and the digital pieces further down the page.

Since this event incorporated many different designers, all with their own branded look, I went with a neutral color palette so it all coordinated together as one "identity".


I also developed a number of web pieces for this event. Below you will see an email, and a couple of social media ads, and I also designed a web page for more information on the event. Further down, you'll see web banner ads for the event. Overall, this is an example of a full event marketing deck of materials that I created at Robbins Brothers for many events throughout the year.

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