These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I'm a sucker for a well-designed product, and I am always on the hunt for a new one. When I find something I like, I'm obsessed with it. Everyone gets one as a gift, I recommend it to everyone. It's my jam. So here are some of my current favorite products, that are tried, tested, and favorited.


Protein Powder
This is my favorite protein powder to use for smoothies. It's 100% vegan and made of all plant based protein. The vanilla is my go-to but the chocolate is good too!
Collagen Peptides
I've been taking 1 scoop of this at least 4 times a week in my tea or smoothies for the past year. My skin is clearer and brighter, hair is stronger, nails never break. Love this stuff. It's a little pricey, but so worth it.
Holy Basil
Found out about this little gem during wedding planning. Helllloooo stress. When you're feeling stressed or anxious, holy basil just chills you out and takes the edge off.
Digestive Enzymes
I'm gonna get real with you... We all know there are some meals that make you feel bloated/full/gassy/etc. Take one when you start eating, and I swear it works so well. All natural, too!
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
I just recently tried this and I am hooked. I mix it with almond milk, stevia, collagen and cinnamon and its delicious! And honestly, it does make me feel more awake, aware and centered. They have a lot of different types and I want to try them all!
Miracle Pasta! I have been about 95% gluten free for the last year and a half. But gluten-free pasta sucks. Some of the rice pastas are not too bad, but Sean can't eat brown rice, and this one is made from Chickpeas so it's packed with protein, too!
Brew Dr. Booch
Am I the only one who feels like kombucha comes in bottles that are too big for 1 serving? Brew Dr. has the best flavors, plus the bottle is the perfect size!
Woman Code
If you experience any type of hormonal, endocrine, fertility, menstrual, female struggles, this one is for you. My bible for hormonal issues! Highly recommend.
When you have baby hands like me, iPhone 7+ are hard to hold. This makes it easy! I LOVE this thing!!
Travel Backpack
This is my travel buddy. I bought it for Spain and have pretty much taken it with me everywhere else. It has tons of anti-theft features, and it's the perfect size. Fits all the essentials and more.
Healthy Human Tumbler
This cup is my best friend. It keeps beverages hot for 10ish hours, cold for 24. I haven't tested this theory, but I know it keeps my tea hot or my smoothie cold all morning. It has a coffee top, but also comes with a straw. Genius.
Ion Hairspray
My all-time favorite hairspray. The Ion Hard-To-Hold spray. You have to sacrifice smell for function here, because it doesn't smell great but its worth it. Works really well on fine hair. Holds your hair without making it stiff. #MAGIC
My favorite natural deodorant. I don't actually have sensitive skin, but the non-sensitive kind is really hard to apply. It's stiff and I just don't like it. This kind is creamier, has no harsh chemicals and smells so fresh.
Nars Lip Pencil
My go-to lip color. "do me baby" #scandalous. It's technically a liner I think but I just put it all over my lip and it stays forever and doesn't get all weird and clumpy.
Smashbox Primer
Because I chose to do my own wedding makeup, I found some amazing products through trial & error. This is the best foundation primer. It erases pores, smooths imperfections and makes your skin look amazing.
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